Sunday, September 11, 2016

A new mission/focus

The religion of Islam is under severe scrutiny  at this moment. If you are in the world of podcasts/youtube debates/twitter/facebook you probably already  know this. I have decided to dedicate much more time to clarifying issues and objections raised against Islam, and topics closely related to it. My largest focus will be 2 subjects: answering critics/criticisms against Islam, and answering questions about Islam. Regarding the latter I am in contact with scholars who will help me or check what I write since I am not a trained scholar by any University or Program. What I know is from what I have read from my teachers and in regards to other religions, what I have heard on youtube or their own writings or podcasts. For example, William L. Craig, who is considered by many to be the most prominent Christian Apologist in the English speaking world,  has audio lessons of classes, debates available online, podcasts, books and more. In one's studies one must be fair and seek clarification regarding issues from all the resources the person has made available to answer any particular issue. My next post will contain information about where I get my information on Islam, and also introductory information regarding Christian apologist attacks, and attacks on Islam from those that come from other traditions.  Sorry for the long post!

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