Saturday, March 18, 2017

Does a lie or theft one has commited in the past make a person evil?

Please skip this next paragraph to get a detailed explanation. As promised, I will give short answers when I can to get to the point!

Response to this video, and to others who use this same way of thinking:

TTP Summary: Telling a lie does not make you a liar deserving damnation, nor does one become a thief if they have stolen once in their lives. Just as telling the truth at times does not make someone an honest man, and one who gives in charity or returns a stolen good does not necessarily make one a generous saint.
This logic is silly and we must call out those who do it.

Full Discussion
Recently I saw a video on the internet entitled "A Baptist tries to convert an agnostic to Catholicism" on youtube1 in which Todd Friel showed casual religious encounter with two students in which a Baptist and Agnostic interacted. At the very end, C, informs them that they are bad people, as they both have stolen and lied in their lives.

I am honestly tired of hearing these type of simple-minded caricatures. This really goes back to the notion of whether or not humanity is born into a state of evil, and consequently, needs a savior to erase this evil. I will answer a part of the video, and the logic for this answer will suffice as evidence for the rest of the video.  Mr. Friel tells these young adults that since they have stolen in their lifetime, and they are both thieves. Furthermore, he states that since each one of them has told a lie, that both of them are liars.

This is honestly one of the silliest assertations made by many Evangelicals today. If telling a lie once, or even 20 times, makes a person a liar, then it should also be accepted that a good deed can make such exaggerated enormous descriptions. I wish I was there.  The students should have said that they have told the truth at times. Or perhaps they have donated goods to the needy, or to whoever was a victim of theft. Would that then make them truthful, and charitable people? Not necessarily. Doing something bad does not necessarily doom one to being an evil person, just as a good act does not necessarily make a person a saint.  Mr. Friel needs to do this so he can create a huge theological point, which can then set him already on the winning side of Christianity as a true believer. This is obviously nonsense, and its time that people call  these people out on this. Please contact me if any clarifications are needed.

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