Sunday, August 13, 2017

Refuting Dr. Bannister's assertians on Islam and Christianity about who Jesus and God are.


I was listening to the podcast called "Unbelievable" hosted by  Justin Brierley. In the preliminary portion of the show, Dr. Andy Bannister, who stated that he has a PHD in Islamic studies, stated a couple of things about Islam that really bothered me. I will make some quick comments.

First he said that Christianity is the religion that accepts the premise that Jesus was who he said he was. This is incorrect. A better definition would be that Christianity is a religion in which one believes in certain sayings and deeds attributed to Jesus by the New Testament. So more accurately, Andy Banister is not accepting the testimony of what Jesus said, but what others claim that Jesus said. This would include the Greek gospels of Mattew, Mark, Luke, and John, the letters of St. Paul, and basically the New Testament. These writings were all written in Greek and none of them were written during the life-time of Jesus. It would therefore be an extreme oversimplification for someone to say that as a Christian, one is accepting that Jesus was speaking the truth about who he claimed to be(in contrast to other claims).

Another thing that Dr. Banister said was that his studies in Islam reveal that Islam does not claim to lead people to God, but to a paradise of inferior things such rivers of wine, and the other descriptions of delights that those who make it to paradise experience. First, even if this was true, it would have no bearing on whether or not Islam was true or not, as it is up to God to reward his servents as He sees fit. But more importantly there are so many verses in the Quran which show this assertian to be false. See for example Quran 5:15.

More on these issues later, and I hope my brief responses show how wrong Dr. Banister and other apologists are on these issues.

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