Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Essays answering active evangelism

It is clear to anyone following the flow of ideas in debates going on daily in the public sphere, such as internet outlets like youtube, that there has been no decrease in presenting objections to Islam. Much of it is very old and is pretty much refuted in the holy Quran. Due to a great deal of misunderstanding on the part of both Muslims and non-Muslims alike, it is increasingly difficult to simply rely on people getting the facts on their own.

There alot of times during the day where arguments become clearer in my head or resurface after being forgotten. I am trying to take note of them as soon as I think of them so that I lose as little as possible.

I am going to try to compile these thoughts into a book of mini essays. I think this will be a great format for anyone looking for answers who do not want to sift through a whole book to get an answer. I have to admit that I have been a bit disappointed in some Muslim responses. When Muslims do not understand the position they are trying to refute, the need becomes larger. I am of course proud of alot of defenders of Islam such as the likes of Shabir Ally and Adnan Rashid. It is no longer feasible to rehash the points left to us by Ahmed Deedat, my God rest his soul and grant him peace. The Christian apologists are not caught by surprise like they were during his time.

Dr. James White of Alpha & Omega Ministries is one of many evangelists that stand out in terms of their careful research and willingness to listen to Muslim dialogues among themselves. A lot of my writings will tackle some of his issues. I have to admit that I was a bit intimidated by the breadth of knowledge that he and others have on the subject. However, listening to his debates, and the debates of others such as William Craig, Jay Smith, and others have calmed those worries because the arguments presented are so poor. This is one thing I think is a proof of the truth of the Islamic message. If the best objections are that weak, then getting the answers out there in an accessible format will not be difficult, God willing. I will try to post some of the essays on this page. I hate posting incomplete essays though I think that may be necessary at this time. The essays can always be finalized and the wonderful blog format allows posting information even if the essay is not completed, and it seems that people browsing the internet seem to be ok with that. I am trying to get volunteers to help translate some of the information I am writing about into different languages, and God willing, this shouldn't be too difficult to do. More later.......

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